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N26, Brazil's first Fincare.

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We are a Fincare

We're not just another bank.


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Fincare? It's the skincare for your money

We are a new category of fintechs designed to enhance your relationship with money. You don't need another bank for your money, you need tools to take care of it.

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To organize the money within the account and get automatically 100% of the CDI every business day. And with Modo N, you can grow it up to 200%.

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N26 Card

With an awarded design, it is transparent, with no mag stripe and thought to remember you of a lighter relationship with your money. Credit, debit and virtual cards so you can use the way you prefer.


Modo N

Your way to make it worth it. An unique benefit for your Card: for each R$100 paid from your N26 Credit Card, you get +1% of the CDI on Spaces, and can get up to 200%.


An app to transact and organize your money.

Made with global experience + Brazilian talents

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