Coffee with fincare

Coffee with fincare

Those who have an N26 Account get a free financial advice. I's your chance to just talk about money, the way you like.

No tricks, no sell

It's 30 minutes talk with someone from Serafin, one of the biggest financial advisors in Brazil. It's a useful, self-contained conversation, with no one trying to sell you miracles or products (not even ours).

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No one knows it all

Coachs selling courses, cousins with investment tips, banks offering cards. There are a lot of magic solutions for your money, but what about confidence to make financial decisions?

Coffe with fincare may help

Money is important and so are the decisions you make with it. It isn't magic. And you don't need to know everything to make it. Just talk to the right person.

Schedule your Coffee with fincare

Coffee with fincare in 4 steps


Choose the best date for you

Meetings depend on the specialists' schedule, so they may run out. But new meetings are made available every month, so chek it out.

Passo 2: Descobrir seu momento financeiro

Answer our questions about money

The result will be used by the expert. So you have the best indications, which make the most sense for your financial moment.

Bater um papo

Show up on the date and time

Choose a comfortable place, with a good Wi-Fi, grab your coffee and open your heart. You and the specialist decide what the next step will be.

Praticar fincare

Put everything in practice

It's time to put your fincare into practice with more confidence. We're here to help. And if you want more chats with Serafin, we'll give you a discount.

Wanna know more about Coffee with fincare?

We have a text on N Care, our Blog, with a step-by-step guide to making an appointment and having a conversation.

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