Modo N is your way to make it worth it

On Spaces

CDI percentage on the next month

100% do CDI

You receive on Day 1

+ R$ 0,00

You get on the 1st month

+ R$ 0,00

Total on Spaces in 1 Month

R$ 0,00

Quanto seu dinheiro renderia em outros lugares?

You already spend money daily. Now it helps you save more.

Shopping, ordering food or a car... Modo N is your way to make it worth it. You live your daily life and make your money on Spaces yield more. For each R$100 paid on the credit card bill, you get +1% of the CDI on Spaces. Simulate it in our calculator below.


How does it work?


You spend on your card

For every R$100 on credit, you get +1% of the CDI. A great reason for using your N26 Card for everything.


Pay the bill

We calculate the paid value within the month for the Modo N on the following month.


Spaces with Modo N

During the following month, your Spaces will yield more than the 100% of the CDI, up to 200%

Up to R$10.000

The percentage of Modo N is valid for R$10.000 on Spaces. Above that value, it keeps yielding 100% of the CDI.

For every credit card

This is a benefit of your N26 credit card, whether physical or virtual ones.

Frequently asked questions about the N Way