Blocked N26 Account, how to solve it

Blocked account: why it happens and how to solve it

November 8, 2022

Redação N26

Your N26 Account has been blocked? Several reasons could have led to this. See what might have happened and how to fix the problem.

Taking care of money is something that requires not only routine and planning, but also security. And it is for security reasons that, from time to time, some N26 Accounts are blocked.

It's an annoying situation, actually. But also super extreme and exceptional. So it's worth understanding why this happens and how to solve it.

Why can an N26 Account be blocked?

Account blocks are security measures. We need to keep an eye on everything to protect your money, so we have a series of security actions ready to help.

Among the reasons that can trigger these actions (such as blocking an N26 Account) are problems with identity verification; violation of Brazilian laws; breach of the terms and conditions of use; and requests coming from regulatory agencies or even from the customers themselves.

N26 Account blocked in Europe

And out there, how does it work? Many people ask us why their European N26 accounts were blocked. The simple answer is: we don't know.

The complete answer is that we, here in Brazil, do not have access to detailed information about N26 users in Europe. As we are independent institutions and each follows its local regulations, for data security reasons we cannot share this kind of thing.

On the N26 Europe blog they explain the reasons that cause account blocking. But our recommendation is that if you have problems with your N26 Account there, please contact the support of the country where you opened the account.

My N26 Account has been blocked, now what?

It's a security measure, so your account is under review and we can't give all the details. It might seem like we're covering or not telling you something. But everything we can do to resolve it will be done. Blockage cases, as we said, are very rare, but we know the impacts that this can have.

So, if you've had an N26 Account blocked, contact the support in the country where you have your account opened or send us a message through our official channels - they're all down here at the footer. It is the first step to solve the problem.

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