How a 30-minute chat can change your financial life

Is everything alright? How is your money doing? What's the problem? Sit here, let's talk. Would you like a coffee?

February 16, 2023

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Coffee with fincare

There are a lot of know-it-all people out there. Influencers with courses to earn money, a cousin with investment tips, a bank that calls offering the "perfect" product. But if it were that easy, everyone would be rich and no one would feel insecure about money. And you wouldn't even need to know what Coffee with fincare is.

Coffee with fincare is a 30-minute financial consultancy. It's a quick, no-bs chat. Made to be useful. Because your money is important and so are the decisions you make with it. And you don't need to know everything to make the best decisions. Just talk to the right person.

Keep reading as we explain.

What is Coffee with fincare?

A conversation with an expert in financial care. We partnered with Serafin, one of the biggest financial consulting companies in Brazil, so you can have a useful and independent chat (no one is trying to sell you miracles or products) about how you deal with money.

It's a video call with the specialist, where you can share questions, thoughts, ideas and ask for tips and opinions for your life, giving you confidence about what to do with your money on a daily basis. It has no fixed theme. You can talk about anything related to money.

Coffee with fincare is a benefit for N26 customers, 100% free. The idea came from N26 Insiders, people who helped us co-create our app. Great, huh?

How to schedule your Coffee with Fincare

It's easy. Everything happens in four steps. Check it out.

Scheduling your conversation

By entering your app, go to your profile and open the "My account" part. There, you will see an item called "Financial Advice". Click on it.

A booking page will open. There, you can choose the date and time that works best for you.

But attention, places are limited. Each month, we open new ones, always according to the availability of specialists. So if you can't get it right away, keep an eye out.

Getting ready for the conversation

Hey, didn't we say above that it was a non-scripted conversation? Yes, but it will be better if the person talking to you already knows a little bit about you.

Therefore, the second step is to answer Serafin's financial well-being quiz. These are some questions about how you spend and save money, which help you to understand your financial situation. Based on your answers, the expert person will already know a little bit about you before the conversation even starts.


Choose a comfortable place, with a good connection and no noise - the basics for a video conversation, right?

Open your heart. Do you need to talk about investments? About a home makeover? About spending too much ordering food? Or, who knows, about raising money to move. You bring up the subject and the person will follow you.

Oh, don't forget to have a cup of coffee. It can be N26 Coffee if you like.

Putting fincare into practice

During the conversation, the expert will give you several tips and draw up an action plan with you. It's worth taking notes if you want, but no pressure. After the conversation, you receive an email with the summary of what was discussed and agreed.

So let's practice, right? Remember what was said, think about what can be put into practice now and what kind of habits you need to create (or change) to achieve your goals. That's fincare.

I really liked the Coffee with fincare, and now what?

It's okay, it's normal. A lot of people really enjoy the chat and want to have more.

We give the first one for free, but we help those who want to continue with a 20% discount when subscribing to Serafin's financial mentoring plans. That is, it is fincare to do more fincare.

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