With spaces cards, you define how to spend your money

Do you need to put a limit for some expenses? This is the financial control tool you need to know

February 23, 2023

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Are you aware of how much you spent on food delivery last month? What about ride apps, online shopping, groceries? Spaces serves to control this type of variable but recurring expense. And now, creating cards for spaces makes this even easier.

With them, you define how you want to spend your money - spending control is a fincare habit and you know it, right? So read on to see how it works.

What is the space card

It's a virtual card that can be created within a space, to help people control a specific expense. It will be linked to that space and, when used, will deduct the value of the money in there.

In practice, it is a debit card from a sub account.

How spaces cards work

Like other virtual cards, spaces cards work as control and organization tools. You create one to know (and to limit) how much you are spending on each thing.

But while a normal virtual card (a virtual credit card, for example) serves to monitor and organize expenses, the space card directly helps with control. Did you spend more than you wanted on delivery, your pet or transportation? You can create a space for each of these expenses and a card for each space.

Debit or credit?

This control, in practice, is easy to notice. Space cards can be registered on various websites and apps as credit cards, but they work like debit cards. This means that payments made with a card from a space will be deducted from the balance of that space at the same time. When the money runs out, it's over.

Thus, it is easier to monitor in real time the value that exists for a certain category of your life.

How to create a card for a space

It has two forms: in the "Cards" menu and in the "Spaces" menu. The result is the same, but it's worth knowing both ways of doing it.

Creating from the "Cards" menu

When creating a virtual card in the "Cards" menu, your app will give you three options: credit card, account card and space card. By clicking the latter, you start.

The first step is to choose which space it will be linked to. So it's worth remembering: if you're going to make a card for a new space, you create the space first. Afterwards, just create a name, give it a color and validate your identity with your password.

Returning to the "Cards" menu, it will appear together with the other virtual cards, below, in the "FROM SPACES" section. When you need it, it will be there.

Creating from the "Spaces" menu

Just open any space and browse the options until you find "Create card". It's the same: name, color and password validation.

Now, when you open that space again, among the options will be "Space card". Opening it, you can check all the information.

Keeping track of spaces card expenses

Space card spending will also be available in more than one place. In each space's timeline, for example, you can see all its money transactions, including payments made with the card.

But on your main timeline, the one on the app home, these expenses can also be viewed intelligently. In addition to information about store, value and date, the payment made with the space's card appears along with the space's icon, so you know exactly what it is.

It is worth taking a look at our text on how to use the organized timeline to take better care of your money.

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