How to save with transport apps?

You're late one day and call an driver. Leaving late? Check the app. At the end of the month, those R$20 races turned into a small fortune. Can you save? Yup.

September 22, 2022

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How to save money on Uber

Remember when transport app was cheap? It's been a while, right? Today the price has gone up, but it is still an expense that most people face. The problem is that, at the end of the month, those 20 reais races turned into a small fortune. And you didn't even see it. But how to save with transport apps?

Like all expenses (bills, market, gym, etc.), those cheaper also need planning, attention and care. It's part of your fincare not to lose control over "small" things - like iFood, as we've already talked about it.

And to be in control, it's worth thinking about a few things.

Calling an driver is a choice

There are people who trade having a car for using apps. There are people who trade the bus for the shared driver. These people made a choice. But those who are late to work or stay late on the street and call an driver are also making a choice, whether for lack of time or to feel safe.

Choosing to spend on it is part of life. In the fincare way of looking at things, we call it prioritizing. You prioritize one expense over another (personal car over public transport, for example) because it makes your life easier, makes more sense. You know yourself and you know that you can save on other things if you need to. That's prioritizing. It's being in control.

But you can't prioritize without planning, right? When we know ourselves and know what is most important, it becomes easier to choose where we want to spend our money. So let's help you with that.

Planning to spend (or not) on a ride

Okay, you want to save money with transportation apps, but you don't know where to start. There are some steps that can help with your financial planning.

1. Calculate your time

Your time, the hours of your day, literally worth money - here in this Instagram post we help you calculate exactly how much. But not only that. They are worth physical and mental health too, they are worth peace of mind.

That's why it's important to calculate the time it takes you to do things - including moving around. Is it a time that forces you to drive a car or can it be spent on public transport? Are walking and cycling possible options? Knowing beforehand how much time you want to spend commuting is fundamental to whether or not to prioritize spending with a driver.

2. Know your options

Even when choosing to call a driver you can still plan. What time do you usually need it? Is it a good time to ride?

Different apps will give you different prices (and times). And some of them offer services like discounted subscriptions or scheduled drives - which might be worth it if you're already considering the possibility ahead of time.

It is worth keeping in mind the golden tip of planning. Deciding at the last minute will always increase the risk of paying more for anything.

3. Use virtual cards

A more practical way to control this type of expense is with virtual cards. If you register just one for transport apps, for example, you can centralize all your expenses in one place. Then you can check how much has already been paid and plan for the rest of the month or the next.

Separating each expense and being able to look at them as pieces of a game is a great way to start prioritizing.

Saving using Spaces

Another practical tool that can help you save money with transport apps is Spaces. Let's say you've looked at your spending and decided to prioritize rides next month. You can create an “No more bus” space and put the amount you want to spend there. When it's over, it's over.

It's a rough way to control spending, but it can help you save. And it sure helps you have more peace of mind knowing that money doesn't disappear out of nowhere.

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