N26 Brazil's exclusive new Spaces for 2022

How to take your money through Black Friday, World Cup, Christmas and New Year

November 17, 2022

Redação N26

Looks like you mixed it all up at the end of 2022, huh? There's a gift tree, Christmas game, and turkey in line for the national anthem. The only thing missing was New Year's on a friday. But your money doesn't have to get lost in this mess, so we've created new spaces to help

The end of the year is here and how are you? Thinking about Brazil’ national team, Black Friday sales, Christmas food, the company's happy hour, white clothes for New Year’s Eve or everything at the same time? Calm down, this feeling that everything is mixed up is normal - everyone is like this.

But, despite the end of the year with a lot going on at the same time, your money doesn't need to be messed up in the middle of this mess.

And that's where the tip comes in: you thought about organized money, you thought about Spaces.

Special N26 Holidays Spaces 2022

The new spaces enter the field

But what does Spaces have to do with it, you might ask. Well, everything. With Spaces you can take care, organize and make your money pay every day. Going to buy a treat on Black Friday? Spaces. The turkey for Christmass? Spaces. Want to make your secret friend's gifts payback? Spaces with Modo N.

That's fincare 101, right? Financial care up to date. But if that doesn't seem like enough, we thought of something to make the financial organization more stylish: new spaces created especially for the end of the year.

There are four new icons: Black Friday, World Cup, Christmas and New Year. In addition to being cute, they are the first 100% created in Brazil. Oh, and they are limited edition. I mean, you have to use it.

N26 Brazil app with new spaces

Getting organized

Using our special holiday icons, you can make Spaces your own and enjoy an exclusivity: being able to separate and organize your daily life - from now until the beginning of 2023 at least.

You can separate the money from the World Cup bracket, take advantage of the extra income from Black Friday spending, gather the money from the end-of-year barbecue, organize the expenses with the Christmas dinner and even set a limit to spend on the New Year's trip. You are in charge.

If you need tips on how to organize money using Spaces, check out this text. Then just leave the money separate, yielding, while you enjoy the mix.

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