How to use loops to organize you money with no hassle

Loops was born to make it easier. Now you can send money automatically from the main account to your spaces on the day you choose and never feel like you forgot to take care of your money again.

September 11, 2023

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Have you ever wanted to have a simple and smart way to organize your money without having to worry about it? Loops was created for that 🫶. Creating loops allows you to automate transfers from your account to your spaces on the day you want - and you always stay in control. 

You already know that spaces are great for separating your money by goals, categories, needs, whatever you want. You can create a space for your bills, another for your trips and another for your emergency fund. This way, you have more control and visibility over your money and can plan your expenses and savings better. Then comes a question: how to put in the routine this thing of organizing money in spaces without having to worry all the time about it? Loops was born for that. 


What is Loops? 

Loops is a tool that helps you feed your spaces automatically and personalized. You can create loops to transfer a fixed amount or a percentage of what you have in your account to a specific space on the day of the week or month you choose (YES, very cool). For example, you can create a loop to transfer 10% of your balance to your travel space every Friday, or R$100 to your bill space every day 10. This way, you don’t have to remember to make the transfers manually and still ensure that you will achieve your financial goals more easily. 

How to use Loops in your financial routine? 

Loops can be used in several cool ways to help in your financial routine. Here are some ideas: 

  • Create a loop to build your automatic savings.  ,You can use Loops to save automatically and enjoy the benefits of Spaces. You can put it a day after when you receive your salary. Then send the money to N26 and create a loop to send 10% to the space “Savings 💰”. Your space will yield 100% of the CDI (much more than Savings) and with ,,, you can also get a bonus on this income if you use the N26 credit card. 
  • Create loops to not forget the money from the bills.  You can use Loops to separate the money from your fixed bills, such as rent, electricity, water, internet, etc. This way, you avoid surprises at the end of the month because the money will already be there separated, without running the risk of spending. For that, add up how much you spend with these bills and create a loop with the fixed value for the space type “bills of the month”. And since the money will be in space, it will still yield a little until it’s time to pay 😎 
  • Create loops to achieve your dreams,.  You can use Loops to save money for that dream trip, that course you want to take or that gift you want to give. This way, you get more motivated and disciplined to achieve your goals. 
  • Create loops to not forget about children’s allowance.,  You can even use it for allowance. Decided to create your daughter’s space and put R$50 there every month? A loop will help you. You can even create a ,, for her purchases, then the money comes out directly from there.

How to create a loop?

Creating a loop is very easy and fast. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Open the N26 app, go to Spaces tab and click on Loops. 
  2. Choose which space the money goes.
  3. Define how much you want to transfer (value or percentage).
  4. Define frequency (once a month or per week). 
  5. Confirm loop creation and done 🎉

You can create multiple loops and always stay in control. We send a notification 1 day before the loop runs so you remember to put money in your account. You can pause whenever you want or delete at any time. On each loop screen, you can also stay on top of every time it ran 🔁.

Create your loop

Loops is an N26 Brazil exclusive and was born to make your fincare easier. Many loops are still to come 👀. If you're not an N26 customer yet, join the waitlist and wait for your invitation to get the free digital account and enjoy N26 tools.

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