iFood and food delivery: how to save?

Do you know those regular monthly expenses that,, at the end of the month, turn into a lot of money? It's not magic, it's lack of planning. Take a look at how to avoid financial mismanagement when ordering food.

September 21, 2022

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How to save on iFood

The drama is known: you order a burger one day, a pizza then, and when the month ends there it goes, a fortune spent on food. Those orders end up being expensive. But how to save money with iFood, delivery and that kind of food expense, easy to get out of control?

There is a way. The first thing you have to do is ask yourself the following question:

Is ordering food important to you?

Think about what drives you to order food. It could be lack of time to cook, lack of practice or simply the pleasure and simplicity that delivery gives you.

Whatever the reason, knowing this is important to save money. Like any expense, the money that goes to delivery can and should be planned. And your planning will depend on how you see the act of ordering food at home.

Cooking and saving

If you're willing to cook (even if you don't know how to), it's worth trying to exchange at least some of the delivery for homemade meals. Yes, this tip sucks. But it works. Take a day of the week and cook portions to match: grains, vegetables, proteins. In this post we give some tips on practical kitchen cooks to follow.

Do you want to save even more on this process? Look for seasonal foods. Knowing when to buy some vegetables can help you pay less. We have another post just talking about it on Instagram.

Thinking about your orders in advance

Having more home-prepared food options also helps those who want to keep ordering iFood but need more control. If the fridge has options, you can define and know in advance which days of the week and even which meals you want to order food.

Another way out is to think of orders that can also be separated into portions and stored. Some restaurants already deliver in this format, either with frozen foods or lunch boxes that yield well.

Whatever is your choice, it is worth remembering that the purpose of planning is to control yourself at that moment of opening the delivery app without knowing what you want to eat. This is the time we spend without realizing it.

Using virtual cards to organize everything

Okay, you enjoy ordering food a lot and still can't plan properly. So your solution to save on delivery can start with something a little more practical.

Already use virtual cards? If you create one just for iFood and Rappi, for example, and register it in the apps, you will centralize all food expenses in a single source. This makes it much easier to know how much you are spending on something.

Knowing your expenses is the first step to making personal planning and starting to save money.

Saving with delivery using Spaces

Another practical solution is to create a space just to order food. You can call it whatever you want: "iFood", "Delivery", "Snacks". The idea is to put the money you want to spend on food for a month (or a shorter period, if you prefer). You use and spend until you run out. Ended? Patience. More next month.

It is an option that helps to exercise control and limits in a more brusque way, but it is still a plan. There is a way.

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