Modo N, your way of making your money work for you

You know those everyday expenses (and also the exceptional ones)? Imagine if they start earning you extra money. That's the idea of Modo N.

September 20, 2022

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We talk a lot about fincare, spending on what we need and what we want and also saving money to help with all that. But does this make sense? Can you spend and save at the same time? It was inspired by these questions that we created Modo N.

Modo N is a benefit of the N26 Card that has a simple proposition: if you are spending money, you will also earn something. Liked? So it's worth understanding more.

What is Modo N

In short, Modo N is a way to make your Spaces worth even more. A way that is your call. Because you spend on the things you need and love. It could be groceries, more plants than your house can fit, washing machine repair, that collection of comics you won't read until next year, a trip with the guys you met in the bathroom at the party or pet shop every week to please your pet.

Do you know about daily expenses? And also those things that make you spend money without guilt (but not always responsibly)? So, the idea of ​​Modo N is that all of this starts to give you some financial return.

How it works?

Nice speech, huh? But practice is even more. if you call.

Money at Spaces already earns 100% of the CDI every working day. With Modo N, for every R$100 you pay on your credit card bill (physical or virtual), you earn another 1% of the CDI rate in the following month. Depending on how much you spend, it can reach up to 200% of the CDI in the month.

Want to calculate how much this is worth for your Spaces and with your average credit card spending? Use our Modo N Calculator. Enter the amount saved in Spaces, how much you spent on your credit card and that's it. You can even compare it with investments such as Poupança or the standard income of digital banks.

Modo N is your way to make it worth it

Quanto seu dinheiro renderia em outros lugares?


Wait, so it's like an investment?

No! Calm down there. It is a benefit of the N26 Card itself. A way to reward those who have a good relationship with money and know that spending and saving are part of a financial care routine.

With Modo N, one thing helps the other. Doing the market this month yields more for Spaces the following month, helping to boost delivery and travel, for example. It's the day to day making each person's priorities yield more.

Using Modo N

Want to understand how this applies to your routine? So take a look at these examples:


1. To your beach vacation, you buy a Sun Protection Kit for R$100 + tickets for R$2,000 and pay for everything with the N26 Card. The following month, your Spaces money will earn 121% of the CDI.

  • If you have R$500 in the Vacation space, this amount goes to R$505.02;
  • If you have R$1,500, it goes to R$1,515.09;
  • If you have R$3,000, it goes to R$3,030.18.

2. The virtual card created just to pay Thor, your pet, ended the month with R$627 expenses. This yields 106% of the CDI on Spaces the following month.

  • If you have R$500 in spaces Thor, this value goes to R$504.41;
  • If you have R$1,500, it goes to R$1513.24;
  • If you have R$3,000, it goes to R$3026.49.

3. You made the November purchase using the N26 Card credit and spent R$785. Your Spaces yield in December will be 107%. But not forever, huh. In January, the percentage will depend on how much you spent in December, and so on.

Is this fincare?

There are people who discover Modo N and ask: “But do you want me to spend even more? Is that fincare?” It's a valid question, but the answer is simple.

The idea is not to spend more. It's giving a benefit to those who already spend on normal everyday things and on exceptional things from time to time, but also want to get into the habit of saving money. Everything has to happen together, and with Modo N, one thing helps the other.

Spending on groceries this month can earn your Spaces more money in the following month, which helps to leverage, for example, the money saved for a trip at the end of the year. That's fincare.

How to enable N Mode

Did you like all this? So if you already have an N26 Account, you don't need to do anything. Just put some money in Spaces, use your N26 Card and wait for more money to show up there.

If you still don't have an N26 Account, go to our Waiting List. It's already running.

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