N26 and Justo offer coupon for who's organising for grocery shopping

If you have a Grocery space, you get an even better coupon. It’s your fincare bringing even more benefit.

August 26, 2023

Redação N26

Mercado space

Do you want to save on grocery shopping and still receive fresh products at your doorstep? Our new partnership is perfect for you. Now you can enjoy benefits for shopping on Justo, the online supermarket.

And it gets even better! Those who already use Spaces to organize their grocery shopping get even more benefits. If you have a grocery shopping space (names like supermarket, weekly market, monthly groceries 🛒), you get an exclusive benefit in partnership with Justo. You can use a coupon that gives you a 40% discount and free shipping on your first purchase at Justo. And on your subsequent purchases, you also receive 20% cashback in your Justo account.

If you have a Grocery space (or just created one):

New user: use SPACE40 for 40% off + free shipping. Recurrent: use SPACE for 15% cashback on Justo.

Spaces - Aniversario

If you don't have a Market space and don't plan on creating one, that's okay. You can also take advantage of the partnership with exclusive coupons for those who make fincare. One of them gives you a 35% discount and free shipping on the first purchase, and the other provides 15% cashback on recurring purchases.

If you don't have a Grocery space but also want to enjoy the benefit

New user: use FINCARE35 for 35% off + free shipping. Recurrent: use FINCARE for 10% cashback on Justo.

Justo is an online supermarket that offers fresh and selected products, from fruits and vegetables to meats, dairy products, beverages, cleaning supplies, and much more. You can shop through the Justo website or app and choose your preferred delivery time. And to secure your discount, you just need to use the N26 coupon.

And there's more: when you pay with your N26 Card, you also get the Modo N, a benefit that increases your Spaces earnings by +1% of the CDI for every R$100 spent on credit.

You can even link a virtual card directly to your space and manage expenses using only its balance. The space card works like a credit card, but deducts directly from the balance in the space. However, the N Mode doesn't accumulate in this case, okay?

It's "fincare" to get organized, to gain benefits, and to get even more benefits within the benefit. 😎

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