N26 card, so beautiful it even won a design award

November 22, 2022

Redação N26

With a gold and a bronze at the 2022 Bornancini Awards, there's no reason not to brag: our N26 Card is just too beautiful.

When we say that the N26 Card is beautiful, it is not for lack of modesty. It's because everyone says it (and we take the opportunity to repeat it hehe). And also because, now, there's even a design award to reinforce.

Our transparent card won two prizes at the 2022 Bornancini Awards. It won gold in the Promotional Graphic Design category and bronze in the Product Design, Machinery, Electronics and Technology category. Amazing, right?

The award takes place every year and is an initiative of APDESIGN - Association of Professionals in Design of Rio Grande do Sul. The purpose of the award is to recognize the role of design as a driver of innovation and a better society for everyone.

The 2022 Bornancini Awards to N26 Card

The N26 Card in Brazil

Our N26 Card is 100% Brazilian. If the transparent model is already successful abroad, the idea here was to make it even more beautiful and transparent - and safe, as it does not have the magnetic stripe.

“It's not purely a visual device, our idea is to inspire customers to have a lighter, more careful and transparent relationship with money", says Alexandre Fontes, visual creation leader here at N26 Brazil and creative director of the project. "It's the physical symbol of our relationship with money. So it's transparent," he sums up.

In addition to the creative direction of Alexandre Fontes, our card has photographs by Gabriel Saraiva and project management by Gustavo Formiga, Brand Manager at N26.

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