Where does our N26 Coffee come from?

The special coffee sent in N26 welcome kit can also be purchased. See more about it and where to order yours.

August 23, 2022

Redação N26

N26 Coffee

The first 26,000 people who open their N26 Account receive a very special welcome kit at home. In it, they find the famous transparent card, arts that represent different types of relationships with money and coffee. But not just any coffee. The N26 Coffee.

If you've had it and liked it, or if you haven't and want to try it soon - or if you're just curious about why a Fincare decides to make a coffee - it's worth understanding why it's special.

Buy the N26 Coffee

Get 26% off on your first N26 Coffee purchase with the 26OFFN26 coupon code on Crio Café page.

Why coffee?

Money doesn't have to be a drama in anyone's life. And if you want to take better care of it, you got to be able to talk about it as something normal, no taboo. Like any topic you would talk about sitting in the kitchen and having coffee with someone.

That's where our coffee came from. It is the beginning of a conversation, an invitation for you to have a moment of tranquility, to sit down, feel comfortable and think of your fincare as something that is as much a part of your routine as coffee. Think about how you want to take care of your money - and why.

Where does N26 Coffee come from?

It wasn't just our app that went through a co-creation process. The coffee is also the result of a partnership with N26 Insiders. We took a poll on our Instagram to find out what features they wanted and that's how we arrived at the final result - this coffee kit.

At the other end of this partnership is @crio.cafe. Some people that believes in the accessibility of good food, conversation and relationships - like our coffee, right? They change people's homes with a good, affordable product. We want this product to be the starting point for a conversation: taking care of money no longer has to be boring and difficult.

Crio produces N26 Coffee at the 7 Senhoras farm, in Socorro-SP. For those who like to know, it is an Arabica blend of three different roasts (Catuaí Vermelho, Mundo Novo and Bourbon) with a comfortable and round taste, prolonged and striking finish. That is: sweetness, medium to high body and balanced acidity.

Yes, you can buy it

Many people asked if they could buy our coffee. So we decided to help: we partnered with Crio and now N26 Coffee is available for purchase on Crio's website. Anyone - Insider, customer or not - can buy your N26 Coffee Pack. And at a discount.

Anyone who uses the coupon 26OFFN26 gets 26% off their first purchase. So, let's have a coffee and start talking about money?

Ah, it's worth mentioning that all the production, logistics and delivery of coffee are Crio's responsibility and you can count on them for everything related to coffee.

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