New to Spaces? We have a few tips

Don't know how to take the first step of your fincare? Take a look at these suggestions on how and where to start using Spaces.

May 26, 2023

Redação N26

N26 tips to start using spaces

Spaces is the most practical way to put your fincare into practice. You can separate, organize and save money using Spaces. And much more.

If you've just arrived and don't know where to start, take a look at the suggestions below.

Spaces to take care of money on a daily basis

If you need organization, a hand to handle money throughout the month without getting lost, try creating these spaces:

Expenses: a space for monthly bills. But it can also be one for each expense - rent, cell phone, market, etc. The idea is to take advantage of the Spaces income and leave the money there before paying the invoices.

Projects: it can be travel, moving, honeymoon. Create a space just for that, create a goal for it and start putting money there. We talk more about that below.

Leave it to yield: money in spaces yields at least 100% of the CDI each labour day, and can reach up to 200% with N Mode. So consider leaving some money there just to yield, why not?

Spaces for plans

Those who already have expenses in mind or plans on the horizon can use different spaces to turn this into a reality. See three examples:

Projects: a space for spending that will be a priority this year, such as travel, renovations or even a concert ticket. Create a goal for each of these spaces.

My future: do you think about retirement, moving to another country, new house? Create a space for this plan and, if possible, try to put 20% of how much you earn. No goal, no pressure.

Spending under control: you can also have spaces just to save for these plans. Think of a Space called "Delivery", for example, where you enter a certain amount every month. You can create a card for this space, which takes money from there every time it is used. Thus, that becomes your limit to spend ordering food. If it's over, it's over.

Spaces to save money

Do you know the 50-30-20 method? It's a great way to organize and save money. And, of course, you can do this using spaces. You can start by creating these:

Essential expenses: 50% of your income goes here. This money will be used to pay rent, internet, cell phone, transportation, market, pharmacy and everything else that is essential. Leave it there, surrendering, until the day you pay.

I deserve it: 30% of your income goes here. From here the cats will leave with non-essential but important things. Leisure, delivery, video games, hanging out with people and whatever else you like. If you don't want to extrapolate, create a card just for this space and use it as if it were a debit.

Emergencies: 20% of your income goes to these two spaces. They are used to pay for the broken refrigerator, that unforeseen exam or a few months without work. It's the money that will stay there just to save you when you need it. Create a goal of six times the amount you earn per month, with no deadline. Then you plan to put a little bit there every month.

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