How a more organized timeline can help you control your spending

Starting to take care of your money can be easier than it looks. Not sure? Take a good look at your app's home menu

January 26, 2023

Redação N26

How to see your spendings in N26 app

Whenever we talk about spendings control, financial planning, organizing and taking care of money, some people think of far-fetched ideas, lots of apps and complex tools. It's easier than it looks. And that starts with an organized timeline.

The timeline is what appears right when you open the N26 app, showing payments and transactions. But have you ever paid attention to this?

Understanding the N26 timeline

More than a standard list of dates you've used your money, your timeline is a source of valuable information. It's the perfect cross-reference of data about your spending over time (showing you when you spent it) and space (and where you did it). But not only.

This timeline also shows the money that went to or from Spaces, in addition to the amounts that were used to pay N26 Card's invoice. For now, it doesn't mix things up. The specific expenses of the credit card are in the invoice, while the debit and all others that involve your Main Account - that is, every time you move the money you have - appear there.

How to see your spendings on N26 app timeline

How the timeline helps with spending control

Understanding this is a good first step to controlling expenses using nearly any resources. Think of it like this: the money on the timeline is, in fact, what you won or lost; the invoice money is the money you promised to pay on the day of the next salary.

When considering the month's expenses to do math - or fill out a spreadsheet if you're those people -, use the timeline. With a quick and clear view, you can see where the money was spent at a glance. Quickly search and find how much you spent when you ate that snack or bought that outfit.

By doing this, you understand a little of your consumption patterns. Many purchases made in the same place with recurring frequency can mean that you have a fixed expense that you didn't even suspect.

Being aware of this type of information about your own money is essential for your fincare to be done well.

Oh, and if you want to take the next step in organization, try creating virtual cards. They help to separate and better identify your expenses, increasing control and improving your financial planning.

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