The space goal was born to help you save money

How much do you need to save to buy one thing or pay for another? If you have clear short, medium and long term goals, you'll like to know the goals of the spaces

February 23, 2023

Redação N26


Every self-care habit brings long-term benefits. But some habits can also help you instantly. Taking care of money is one of them. Yes, we are talking about fincare. And, consequently, goals in spaces.

Spaces help with your financial organization. Whether saving your money, or helping to manage day-to-day expenses. And with goals, this becomes even clearer.

So let's see how it works.

What are goals in spaces

Well, the name speaks for itself, right? A goal is an objective, a milestone that can be associated with any given space. In other words, it is the value that you can place as the final objective of your space.

You know those spaces created for things that you already know how much you need to gather? A specific purchase, planned expense, debt, etc.? That's the goal.

How to create goals in spaces

The next time you open the "Spaces" menu in your app, enter any of your spaces. In it, you'll see options like "Put money", "Send money" and "Create card" (it's worth reading our text about spaces cards, by the way). Right next to it is the "Create goal" option.

Then you just need to say what value you want to reach. And a deadline, if you like. Once created, the goal takes effect and can be viewed in the space (as a bar and % of progress) or on your space icon (as a circle and % progress).

The coolest thing is that the app already tells you how much per month you need to put in the space to reach the goal.

How about starting with an emergency fund?

Yeah, but what's it for? The easy answer is: it depends on your goals. Each one does fincare in a different way, and goals can help in future plans and also in everyday life.

Think, for example, of the famous emergency fund. Let's say the stipulated amount is three salaries (recommended for everyone). You place this as a goal in an "Emergency" space. Then add the money. When it hits, we celebrate together.

Then, if you want to diversify your goals, you can use them in everyday life. A purchase of R$ 100 for the next month, for example. With R$ 25 per week in the space, you create the habit of saving money and reach your goal in time for payment.

The idea is to use it however you want.

Using goals with Modo N

And also combine with the tools you want. As Spaces is complete and allows you to control your money in many ways, goals can be combined with other N26 Account benefits, such as Modo N.

It's easy to understand. Your goals will be achieved even faster with Modo N, as your income can reach up to 200% of the CDI according to the expenses of your N26 Card invoice.

Thus, the amount inside the space increases as the days go by. If you want to know more about this, take a look at how this income works.

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