We asked six artists to draw their feelings about money

Each person spends differently - and on different things. But the way we relate to money can be similar. That's what we discovered by seeing how six artists illustrated their feelings on the topic.

August 23, 2022

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Artists draw their feelings about money for N26

What does money mean to you? Do you love it or hate it? Does it give you stress or relief? Is it your means of surviving or enjoying life? Or all this together, depending on the day? Sometimes, what we feel about money is so complicated that we have to draw it. That's what we did here at N26, asking six artists to illustrate the way each one has to relate to money. It's personal, of course. But at the same time the feelings are common for many of us.

The arts are part of a special welcome kit sent to the first 26 thousand people who open their N26 Account, along with our coffee and the famous transparent card. Each art has its own style, of course, but also a way of illustrating how money can be present in our lives.

Each person receives two arts, which you will get to know now, along with more information about the six artists responsible (and thanks, @brartegaleria for the help in the curation). Take a look at the works and then tell us which one best represents your relationship with your money.

Arte Rafaela Pascotto N26

Porquinho, by @rafaela.pascotto

Graduated in illustration, Rafaela Pascotto likes in colors and crooked spots, representing a poetic and comic everyday life in her work. As someone who always wants to save money (and all kinds of stuff) she explains how she came to the art she made for the kit.

“The idea of ​​the illustration came from my relationship with money, which is wanting to keep everything, all the time", says Rafaela. "This applies to objects, clothes and even time, an anguish of not wanting to spend, of accumulator. On the one hand, it can be a good thing, because I'm sure I'm not going to waste it, but I keep thinking that it's another kind of waste to save and stop spending on things that would bring joy, especially if I don't have a clear end goal with all this accumulation", reflects the artist.

Art Muito Prazer N26

Um leve passeio, by @muitoprazer__

Ricardo AKN, also known as Muito Prazer, began his career with paint on the walls and facades of São Paulo. With his art rich in color and full of overlays of geometric shapes, stains and reliefs, he walks through different representations of freedom - including financial freedom.

“I always think about the tranquility that it is to have money well taken care of, well invested and well spent”, says the artist. Money doesn't have to be a heavy thing, nor a monstrous thing", completes Ricardo.

Art Mari Mats N26

Untitled, by @mari_mats

The self-taught urban artist Mariana Mats was born and raised in São Paulo - and it was on the city's streets that she began to develop her work. With paintings and drawings with different techniques and supports, she faced the challenge trying to represent herself in the art made for N26 clients.

“I try to improve everything I do, like a diamond”, says the artist. “Day and night are different moments in my trajectory, earning money and doing what I like. I'm multi and that's how I make my name. I've made a successful career doing what I love. The character is a representation of Mari Mats, woman, multiartist, graffiti artist, girlpower, diva and multifaceted”, she adds.

Art Kueio N26

O domador, by @kueio.art

Kauê Fidelis is a visual artist, illustrator and graffiti artist, graduated and master in Visual Arts. Kuêio is his artistic name, but also the rabbit, his main character, representing the versatility and multiplicity of urban art. It is he who tames the "beast of finance" in the art made for the kit.

“This circus tamer alludes to financial life and it's juggling and magic to close the month”, explains the artist. But to gain control of the situation, we must tame it with financial planning and investment," he adds.

Art Paola Saliby N26

Fazendo as pazes, by @paolasaliby

The illustrator Paola Saliby, a Brazilian who now lives in Lisbon, investigates human emotions, the idea of ​​movement and the natural world in her compositions. To represent her relationship with money, she created a dreamlike atmosphere that comes to life through the use of color.

“For me, organizing my financial life is like exploring a surreal and unknown landscape", she reflects. "It's fragile and challenging terrain, and I often feel like I'm walking on eggshells when it comes to numbers, spreadsheets, accounts and investing. Dealing with money is like trying to make friends with strange little creatures who don't speak my language, but if I have the courage and allow myself to get to know them up close, I realize they're not as scary as I thought. When I face the fear of looking closely at my financial life, I develop autonomy and gain confidence, and then a more fun and interesting relationship with my money can be born”, completes the artist.

Art Onesto N26

Untitled, by @onestodiesel

Painter, sculptor and multimedia artist Alex Hornest, aka Onesto, has been active since the 90s on the streets of São Paulo. With works ranging from graffiti to fanzines and content for social networks, he made an art for N26's clients that represented the N possibilities of relating to money on the internet.

“This character is me spitting and spitting, happy as hell for having bought a nice cell phone, after making a lot of money", jokes the artist. "The digital market has a million possibilities for how to earn and make money: I can help people by giving courses, give lectures through lives, have my virtual store/gallery and sell to the whole world. I'm not one to consume things, so with that money I can create experiences for myself and my family. The business is knowing how to spend wisely”, he concludes.

If you want to see up close these arts that represent different relationships with money, it's good to make sure your name is already on our waiting list so you can receive an invitation and open your N26 Account soon.

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