What is fincare?

N26 is a Fincare (the first in Brazil). But fincare is also taking care of money. Know the differences between the meanings - and how to make your own.

August 9, 2022

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What is fincare

What is fincare? Have you ever read or heard this word? If you follow N26 or took a look at our website, you must have come across the word. But do you know what it is?

That word sounds different, new, but it means something you already know - or kind of. Fincare has two meanings that complement each other. And none of them are difficult to understand. So let's see it.

Fincare is the practice of taking care of money

That is the first meaning of fincare. The habit of taking care of money, the daily practice of thinking about money to organize (and get by).

If you have a spending control spreadsheet, divide the money into different accounts to make it more profitable, separate what you want to spend per month and try to save some money, or simply take care not to spend more than you can afford, you practice fincare.

But, because it's a habit, to be persistent you have to do it regularly. A care routine. Like skincare, only for your money.

Ok, but can I do fincare?

Of course, fincare is for everyone. It may seem difficult to read this way, but it gets simpler with practice. As long as you know what to do.

Your routine will depend on who you are and what you want. This is about getting to know each other, obviously. Does money bring you happiness or a stress? Is it a topic that you talk about a lot or you prefer to leave it alone to pretend it doesn't exist? Do you knowrour pains each month - and why? What encourages you to save money?

Let's go through all these questions together - and more. The idea is to help you prioritize spending according to what is most important to your life. And give you the tools to organize yourself by spending on what you need and buying what you want. Seems too much? Relax, we're here.

N26 is also a Fincare

That's where the second meaning of fincare comes in - remember the beginning of the text? Fincare is a new fintech category, created and inaugurated by us in Brazil. It's not even out there, we're launching it here.

Think so. Fintech is the name they give to companies that mix finance and technology, like digital banks. But we want to help you with your financial care. Hence the name: Fin + care.

That's why we exist here. It's not just a place for you to put and move your money, it's a tool to help you take care of it and have a better relationship with it. N Care, our blog, is part of that. And we're going to talk a lot about fincare around here.

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