Using Spaces

N26 Account: banking and organizing at the same place

In addition to virtual cards, Spaces and other tools to organize money, the N26 Account also has what you need to get by on a daily basis: transfers, payments, overnight.

I want it

Your own way

The app was and made (here in Brazil) to work without complications. It works in Portuguese and English, in light or dark mode. As you wish.


How to open an N26 Account


Are you on the list?

Start by signing up on this site or on the N26 Brazil app. With the first sign up, we will let you start opening your account.


Get an email

Got an email from us? Just download the "N26 Brasil" app from your app store. Then, click on "Create an account" and follow the instructions.


Time to enjoy

After you created a password, enter the app and start using the account. You can put some money and create a space for it to interest, how about that?

To leave you money there, safe

We care about safety. We are a Direct Credit Society (SCD) regulated by the Central Bank. This means that your money is invested in government bonds issued by the National Treasury, not in our pockets. Only you handle your account.

We also do not use third parties to approach anyone, nor do we offer loans or investments by message. Our official channels are listed at the bottom of this page. As well as our contact phone number and email.


To send and receive as (much as) you like it

A Pix like that: practical and safe as always; simple and beautiful like the N26.

Free and instant money transfer, key registration, Pix scheduling, limit management and much more.

FAQ about N26 account