The famous transparent card

Wonderful and created as a reminder for you to keep a light and transparent relationship with your money.

Even more transparent and with no mag stripe

The N26 transparent card is already an icon around the world. It doesn't go unnoticed. In Brazil, it got even more transparent. It's the first with no magnetic stripe, making it more secure (and beautiful).


Modo N. Your way to make it worth it.

An unique benefit: for every R$100 paid on the credit card bill, you get +1% of the CDI on Spaces, up to 200%. It's your daily usage making your money yield more. It's our way to empower a more balanced financial life.

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Modo N is your way to make it worth it

On Spaces

CDI percentage on the next month

100% do CDI

You receive on Day 1

+ R$ 0,00

You get on the 1st month

+ R$ 0,00

Total on Spaces in 1 Month

R$ 0,00

Quanto seu dinheiro renderia em outros lugares?

Virtual cards

More security and organization for your online shopping. In the app, you create and name as many virtual cards as you want. And of different types. Then you can register your card in specific stores and delete a single card if you need to.

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3 versions of card for you


Plastic card

Credit and debit functions in a beautiful card so you can remember to have a light relationship with money.


Virtual credit

For credit shopping in virtual stores and apps. You create it, name it, organize them how you want to and pay everything in the same bill to make it easier.

Spaces tela do app

Virtual account card

If you like to organize yourself in debit or don't have credit, now you're able to shop online normally. It goes as credit, but already deducts the amount from your account.

FAQ about N26 cards