We can change neither the world, nor our app alone

The N26 Insider program is made by Brazilians like you, who couldn't take proper care of their financial lifes. Now, we're together, creating an app that will allow country-wide people to have a better relationship with money.

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Insider is a full-time picky

Is the one who speaks up, tells when something's wrong. Yes, we put together a group of people to criticise us. Only this way we can create an app just the way they want it to be.

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What is <br>N26 Insider?

What is N26 Insider?

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Who they are

Insiders are people withh different realities and stories. Some of them were already taking care of their money, but thought it was too much of a pain. Some of them, on the other hand, didn't even know how to start.

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What they say

We're always in touch with the Insiders. Listening to what they think about the program and the app is an essencial part of our job.

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What happens

The N26 Insider program already gave us many stories to tell. We recognized people for their engagement and launched new features to test, like the rewards program, Spaces, and more.


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