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Your money organized

Spaces is N26's most famous tool. And it's worth the fame. It's the one to help you separate and organize your money in practice, the way you want to.

Like sub-accounts. But in just one.

Imagine splitting your account into parts to organize better. It seems obvious, right? You can have several spaces, leave the money there and move it whenever you want (always, on any day or time).

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Spaces tela do app

Plans ou bills? Both

What is Spaces for? Well, think of a space just for doing groceries. Another one for regular bills. What are your plans? A new car? Space. Vacations? Space. Weekend barbecue? Space too.

Yep, we have overnight yield

Within each space your money yields from 100% to 200% of the CDI with Modo N. You just need to leave more than R$35 (on average) and see the amount increasing every business day, with no IOF charge.

Space vinhos

A connected card to spend from your space ūüę∂

You can create a virtual card for the space, so everything you spend on it comes directly from the money in that space. Perfect for controlling some expenses (like delivery and transportation apps).

A loop on your financial routine

The loops automate your way of organizing yourself. Do you save every week to travel at the end of the year? Do you separate the money for rent every month? Just create a loop for each one and never worry about it again. Oh, peace ūüßė‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ.

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Modo N. Your way to make it worth it.

An unique benefit: for every R$100 paid on the credit card bill, you get +1% of the CDI on Spaces, up to 200%. It's your daily usage making your money yield more. It's our way to empower a more balanced financial life.

More space for you

Using Spaces

Just drag and drop

Transfer money from your main account to a space (or between spaces) whenever you want. Just drag from where the money will come and drop where it goes. Then you set the value and that's it.


Organize your days and goals

Use Spaces to organize money for regular expenses or save for future plans. Each space created is part of your fincare routine. A great first step.


Automatic savings

Loops transfer money to your spaces automatically on the day you chose. What if you save weekly for that trip and spare that money monthly for rental?

Spaces FAQ