N26, Brazil's first Fincare.

N26, Brazil's first Fincare.

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We're not just another bank

We're a Fincare. A new category. We're about financial care. That means we're designed to help you take (real) care of your money.

How will N26 help taking better care of the money?



To organize your money inside you account while it grows overnight with 100% of the CDI rate


Transparent card

Credit and debit functions in a full transparent card (just like N26)


Modo N

Our card benefit that makes your money yield more. For every R$100 paid in credit you get +1% of the CDI on Spaces.


Virtual cards

Create a card for each kind of spend and have a better control of your expenses


No account fees

Why should you spend on bank fees, right? And you open in minutes.

Some frequently asked questions