It's ok. We're not a bank.

Have you always wanted to work for a bank, but thought it would be boring?

It's ok. We're not a bank.

Everyone says that dealing with money is boring, bureaucratic and impersonal. If you agree, but wants to make it better, working at N26 is for you. We do things differently.

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We can explain

In Brasil, we created a new category of fintechs: Fincare. Because even after being elected the best bank in the world by Forbes in 2021, we know that no one needs another bank here in Brazil. And innovation is in our DNA. So much we were the first digital bank in Europe. But the needs have changed.

A 100% local operation

Estamos crescendo e atrás de talentos que queiram, como a gente, lançar essa nova forma de pensar em planejamento financeiro - ter espaço para combinar harmonicamente o que a gente precisa gastar e o que a gente quer gastar. Quem disse que dinheiro precisa ser só sobre as obrigações?!

Se você concorda, você já completou a primeira fase do nosso recrutamento 😎


Combinamos as coisas


Startup like

Led by innovation and backed by the safe feeling of an established brand with a lot of history - to tell and to write


Local and global

We have a local team, but we are a global organization. Here, learning and exchanging ideas from different experiences is part of the routine.


Good ideas don't need to be senior

This is one of our values - your ideas have a granted spot together with the things we already learned


Benefits for life

We arrived with a competitive benefits package. There's nothing to lose to the big companies around here.



We keep everyone connected regardless of time and location. Today, home office is our way of working and we have a team spread across Brazil.


Close, agile and horizontal

We are close, we discuss everything with openness, respect, active listening and good humor.

Work with us

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